What: Workshop on how to create visuals and audio-reactive visuals with Max/MSP.
When: 23 (Saturday) and 24 (Sunday) of November 2019. From 10.00 to 17.00.
Where: EMS (Electronic Music School), Invalidenstrasse 104, 10115 Berlin, Germany.
How much: 120 euros for 2 days.

In this two-days workshop we are going to see how to create our visuals with the software Max/MSP from Cycling74.
Max uses a data-flow programming paradigm, which means we can connect those nice little boxes in order to create a piece of software.
The softwares we create with Max can be of very different types: it could be an interactive installation, a visual art piece, an audio-reactive VJ application, a data visualization, and many more. Basically the possibilities are endless.

We are going to start from scratch with the program, so the workshop is open to users with every level of experience.
Being divided in two days, the first day will be about explaining general Max and Jitter concepts, while the second day will be focused on creating a little VJ system, which will allow you to start experimenting with audio-reactive visuals.

In the first day we are going to:
  • introduce how Max works, take a look at the core objects and the basic mechanics
  • start introducing the basic Jitter objects, becoming familiar with the concept of Jitter Matrix and OpenGL
  • learn how to play a video stream, how to modify the stream with effects and how to connect an audio stream with the effects parameters
  • see how the OpenGL objects work and what we can achieve with them
  • introduce the concept of GPU vs CPU operations, and how we can take advantage of that knowledge

In the second day we are going to:
  • get deeper into OpenGL and Matrix/Textures operations
  • build our VJ system!
  • experiment with different aesthetics
  • we will have a questions time
  • if there's time remaining we will have a show time, where everybody will be able to present his/her results

To reserve a place in the workshop or for any question please write an email to
Half of the price of the workshop will have to be paid in advance.

See you at the workshop!

Federico Foderaro